Convention and the 100-Hour/Five-Year Requirement

Most of the workshops at the NJEA Convention are eligible for credit toward your 100 hours of professional development requirement. At Convention, you will receive a professional development certificate for each session you attend. Here’s some information to help you make the most of your professional learning at Convention.

What Counts?

Professional learning programs sponsored by NJEA are acknowledged for their high quality and relevance to improving educational practice. Most of the professional development experiences available at Convention are eligible for credit toward the 100-hour continuing education requirement.

Activities that are not related to your teaching practice and/or school and students’ needs do not fit the “what counts” criteria.

Time you spend working with other teachers at the Great Ideas Forum, for example, may count if you are working on a goald that is in your approved Professional Development Plan (PDP). NJEA cannot issue professional development certificates for visits to exhibitors, the Great Ideas Forum, or the Technology Integration Showcase and similar programs.

However, NJEA has put a procedure in place to assist members in documenting time spent in High Tech Hall. See page 17 of the Convention Program for more information.



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